Sunday, March 16, 2008

An opportunity to help

About a month ago there was a horrible car accident on Bangerter.,5143,695255175,00.html

Anyway this family lives just up the street and I was wondering if there wasn't something we could do to help. Since we're making meals anyway--why not make an extra? I was thinking 8x8 size of 3-4 servings with really good instructions that we could fill his freezer with. If you want to help, bring it to the trade and I can take them all over on Saturday night when I take them dinner.

I haven't talked to everyone yet but bring 10 meals to trade away this month. I'm feeding lasagna to the kids the night I cook. Happy Cooking!

1 comment:

Tressa said...

So ten to trade, one to give for a total of 11. Right?