Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So we're getting together to trade, Friday the 22nd. This time around there are 11 total. Is there anyone that would like a bye? We welcome Mindy from Logan! She's a guest swapper wanting to load the freezer before her baby comes. So if you're up on meals leave a comment and you can come back for March. If everyone wants food--we'll just make 11 or bring 10 and you won't take home one of your own.

Also if you know what you're going to be making--You can post it on the side.

I'll be putting a few recipes on here from my "cookbook" that I got for Christmas that had some good freezing ones. Also if you have any good ideas or come across any--post away.

Loved the Tortilla soup Brandi so if you get a chance can you post it?


Mike Steph & The Boys said...

Stephanie: I'll be bringing a Mozzarella Chicken Casserole:) it's my kids favorite!

Marcy said...

I'm bringing Salsa Chicken from your "Girlfriend" cookbook. We tried it earlier this week and they were super yummy burritos. I think you could also make smothered burritos if you have extra filling(i.e. some of your kids just want bean burritos instead).